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All book proposals submitted to New Hope Publishers must include the following information:

  1. Agent (when applicable) and Author’s name, and all contact information (address, phone numbers, email, etc.).
  2. A working title.
  3. Projected word length of the manuscript.
  4. A one-sentence statement that describes the distinguishing feature that will draw the reader in.
  5. A 75-word summary of the book. Imagine that this summary is on the back cover of the book.
  6. A half-page overview including what you hope to accomplish in the way of transformation in the life of the reader.
  7. A brief profile of your reader with a clear explanation of the needs of the reader that your book meets. Also, list any additional audiences you expect your book will attract.
  8. A listing of current books similar to yours and a brief explanation of how yours is both different and/or better.
  9. A description of potential marketing channels to which you have access (e.g., contacts you have in key organizations, groups you speak to regularly, key people you know who would endorse your book, etc.).
  10. Ideas for digital resources you might provide that add value to your print book.
  11. A listing of your social media and blog platform. Please include monthly blog views (if
    applicable) and social media followers on each platform (if applicable).
  12. An extensive personal biography, written in résumé format, including church membership and involvement, references, and your qualifications to write on this topic. Include writing and work experience, as well as education and training.
  13. A listing of any books you have published, providing titles, publisher, and approximate sales to date.
  14. A chapter-by-chapter annotated outline that clearly summarizes the overall content and key ideas of each chapter.
  15. If nonfiction, two sample chapters of your book. If fiction, the complete manuscript is requested.

Send completed proposals to:

Please allow at least four months for review.

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