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Are you running your race with purpose?

You want to spend your time on excellent things. But sometimes, it may feel as if life’s demands have gotten you off-track. Philippians, an easy-to-use, six-week Bible study, will help you stay the course. Designed for time-pressed believers who crave depth from their Bible study, Philippians uses the FOCUS method to take you through:

F—Foundation: Enjoy Every Word

O—Observation: Look at the Details

C—Clarification: Uncover the Original Meaning

U—Utilization: Discover the Connections

S—Summation: Respond to God’s Word

In Philippians you will:

  • Discover how 15 minutes a day in God’s Word can produce significant spiritual growth as you learn to study the Bible on your own.
  • Break through surface-level Bible study to experience a transformational time in God’s Word.
  • Overcome intimidation and develop confidence through a quick, effective approach.

Make each minute of your valuable time count. As you gain new understanding of verses from the Book of Philippians, you will experience renewed joy.

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Product Information

Retail: $15.99
Digital: $9.99
EAN: 9781625915344
Item #: N184107
Category: Grow
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Size: 7 X 9.25 Inches
Page Count: 176
Pack Qty: 36
Pub Date: January 2018

Katie and Chris Orr

About the Authors

Katie Orr, creator of the FOCUSed15 Bible study method, is passionate about equipping busy women to experience God daily. An enthusiastic and dedicated teacher and speaker, she is a podcaster and prolific writer for blogs, magazines, and Sunday School curriculum.

Dr. Chris Orr holds a Master Divinity from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and currently serves as a senior pastor. Chris and Katie are former Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) staff members, parents to three children, and part of the church revitalization movement.

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