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People thought Fortune 500 Company CEO Joe Greene was crazy when he said he wanted to quit his job and start a business that operated solely on Christian principles. But that is just what he did, and Joe’s vision to honor God with his business catapulted him to a level of corporate and financial success few can match. Dare to Succeed shares Joe’s story and the wealth of scriptural wisdom he believes is critical to any company’s success.

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Retail: $16.99
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EAN: 9781625915276
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Category: Leadership
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Size: 6 X 9 Inches
Page Count: 224
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Pub Date: August 2017

Joe Greene

About the Author

Author Joe Greene founded CEO Fellowship in 2005 to teach presidents and executive officers the financial and spiritual benefits of operating for-profit businesses based on principles revealed in Scripture. He crafted his vision for business leaders during his own 40-year career in the health care field, including serving as a president with the Fortune 500 firm Humana and the startup and eventual establishment of his own company, Health Management Associates, on the New York Stock Exchange. He also established the Christian Business Leaders Roundtable, which meets in Brentwood, Tennessee, where Joe calls his home.

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