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Deep down at the core of every male whispers the question of uncertainty: Am I man enough? Rite of Passage helps young men answer that question in light of today’s culture. This study is a courageous exploration of biblical fathers that offers participants a unique, interactive opportunity to redefine the essence of a man. To define who they are as men.

No ordinary study, Rite of Passage provides participants with “feats of strength” activities geared toward physical, relational, or spiritual well-being. Intended to strengthen the bond of brotherhood, these activities, combined with the mental challenges of study days, helps the maturing process of the complete man. This study is designed to help participants learn how to avoid becoming trapped in areas of weakness such as: anger, uncontrolled strength, being easily deceived by relational pitfalls, and pride. Participants will learn how to strengthen those areas that make them men: courage, leadership, confidence, and knowing when not to surrender.

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Category: Christian Life
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Size: 6 X 9 Inches
Page Count: 172
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Pub Date: August 2016

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Eric Ballard

About the Author

Eric Ballard is a youth and college pastor and outdoor enthusiast. Concerned about the effects of the “Peter Pan” syndrome to the church and family, Eric is passionate about helping today’s youth and young adults redefine the essence of manhood. With an undergraduate degree in educational psychology from Mississippi State University, he also has an advanced degree from New Orleans Baptist Seminary in Christian education. Married with two beautiful daughters, Eric enjoys anything involving the outdoors, especially if it is sports related. Although he and his family call the Houston area home, he hopes to live long enough to see his beloved Mississippi State Bulldogs win a national championship.

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