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We live in a culture where apps and Google calendars manage our time, events, and banking. But all of this management will be meaningless in eternity unless we have applied the biblical principles of stewardship to every aspect of our lives.

More than Money offers a modern day, relevant perspective that empowers you to apply the concepts of whole-life stewardship. Generally associated with money and giving, stewardship is really about managing everything God has given or entrusted to you: time, talents, resources, finances, relationships, positions, even the gospel. In a culture where the world around you distracts from the God who holds it together, More than Money shows the relevance of God in your daily life and how He has given you freedom to choose how to manage all He’s given you. How are you doing? God has entrusted to you to use what He has given to accomplish His purposes. More than Money shows you the principles of whole-life stewardship so Christ can say to you “well done, good and faithful servant.”

Product Information

Retail: $11.99
Digital: $9.99
EAN: 9781596694743
ISBN: 1596694742
Item #: N164114
Category: Christian Life
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Size: 6 X 9 Inches
Page Count: 144
Pack Qty: 36
Pub Date: June 2016

Key Features
  • Scriptural content helps believers redefine the concept of stewardship.
  • Author is a seasoned pastor.
  • Content is based on a popular sermon series in whole-life stewardship.
  • Tone is empowering and practical.
  • Content explores aspects of life readers may not have considered as a gift from God.
  • Scriptural emphasis calls believers to action.
  • Content awakens readers to the connection between faithful stewardship and eternal rewards.
  • Content applies to all ages and generations.

“Five hundred years ago, everybody knew about lords and stewards. The lord owned everything, and the steward managed his assets. Today, believers need to remember that God owns it all and we’re His stewards. More Than Money is a great reminder that we’re called to manage all of His stuff for His glory.”
—Dave Ramsey, best-selling author and nationally syndicated radio show host


About the Author

Calvin Partain is a seasoned pastor with years of experience counseling people in the principles of whole-life stewardship. As a pastor, he has seen the shift that occurs as believers who once viewed stewardship as being associated with money or tithing come to realize that everything they have is a gift from God and should be managed for God’s ultimate purposes and their eternal rewards. Now retired, he spends time reminiscing about time spent with family camping and fishing. He and his wife call Bloomfield, New Mexico, home.

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