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Discussion Points:

  1. What was your first reaction to meeting Chet in the prologue?
  2. How did your opinion of Chet begin to change in the early chapters from your impression of him in the prologue?
  3. As you met Kevin and then, in later chapters, Ryan, what do you feel these little boys added to the story?
  4. Jeneen was a devoted wife and mother, willing to help support the family financially but also resenting the need to do so. How have you found yourself in similar situations, caught between a willingness to do what was necessary but fighting resentment and even bitterness over what seemed too great a sacrifice?
  5. Where did you first recognize Chet’s battle with PTSD? How familiar are you with this condition?
  6. Consider Breanna and Steve’s relationship. What do you see as their strong point(s) that enabled them to adopt a special-needs child like Ryan?
  7. Had you ever heard of attachment disorder before reading this book? What did you learn about the similarity of symptoms in attachment disorder and PTSD?
  8. Though both Dani and Mike played relatively small parts in the story, how do you think they added to it?
  9. What would you say are the main theme(s) of this story, and why?
  10. How does the title, Return to Christmas, tie together the main points of the story?

Prayer/Action Points:

  1. If you knew someone who exhibited PTSD symptoms the way Chet did, how would you pray for him or her (and his or her family if they has one)? How comfortable would you be if you believed God was calling you to speak with this person, and how would you handle that? If the person is a Christian, would you offer to pray with/for him or her? How would you deal with it if you knew the person was an unbeliever?
  2. Keeping in mind that it isn’t only combat veterans who suffer with PTSD, how could you pray for/minister to people showing signs of the disorder? This could apply to anyone who has been through an especially traumatic event, such as:
    • War
    • Natural disasters
    • Car or plane crashes
    • Terrorist attacks
    • Sudden death of a loved one
    • Rape
    • Kidnapping
    • Assault
    • Sexual or physical abuse
    • Childhood neglect
  3. Is it possible that you yourself might have some unresolved issues stemming from a traumatic experience? Ask God to show you if that’s the case. Ask Him also to send a faithful prayer partner—and possibly a godly and professional counselor—to help you work through those issues and get them resolved.
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