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Most Christians say they believe the Bible, but how many actually live like it? Faith Acts, a provocative and practical look at James 1:22, uses scriptural and personal ministry insights to show how authentic faith is based on how we apply the Bible not on how much we claim we believe it. Including real-life stories from one of the fastest-growing homeless churches in America, you’ll see how the hope of Christ can change the worst of circumstances when ordinary believers commit to the principles of God’s Word and “do what it says.” 

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Retail: $14.99
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EAN: 978-1-59669-467-5
ISBN: 1-59669-467-X
Item #: N164107
Category: Christian Life
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Size: 6 X 9 Inches
Page Count: 176
Pack Qty: 36
Pub Date: March 2016

Jimmy Turner

About the Authors

Dillon Burroughs is a best-selling author and coauthor of more than thirty books on issues of spirituality and culture. Known for his collaborative efforts with faith-based leaders, his works range from editing The Apologetics Study Bible for Students to serving behind the scenes for some of today’s New York Times best-selling authors. He is a frequent teacher, speaker, and commentator. His works have been featured in more than 325 interviews, including Fox News, CNN, NPR, and major network outlets, as well as leading Christian programs. He serves as a senior writer at the John Ankerberg Show and has been deeply committed to communicating with the millennial generation via leading portals and He lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with his wife and best friend Deborah and their three children. Find out more at

Jimmy Turner is a man who lives out his faith. A marine who served on the front lines in the Middle East, he is now serving on the front lines in Chattanooga ministering to those often ignored by society. As the founder and executive director of Relevant Hope, a nonprofit organization providing on-site services to the poor and homeless, he is passionate about ministering to the practical needs of people. A gifted writer, he has published a variety of pieces for ActivistFaith and for the popular question and answer website He and wife Shay, along with their children, call Tennessee home.

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