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Both Feet In is a captivating biography of missionary Bud Fray—named Baba Moyo, or Father Heart, by an African man he befriended—and so much more. It is countless stories of God’s power at work, of a purifying flame of revival in the African bush that provides the backdrop for the heartrending, inspiring account of a missionary couple who hungered for God’s presence in every part of their lives—a hunger you may be feeling as well, whether to go on the missions field or simply live your everyday life walking more deeply with Christ.

Baba Moyo’s transparent account of his personal moments of transformation will refresh and, at times, humble and convict those who partake of his story. Only through surrender, sacrifice, and service did God reveal Himself and satisfy Baba Moyo’s hunger for Him. If you want to know how to abide wholeheartedly in Christ, and if you yearn to live with abandon to the Father’s purposes, then put “both feet in.”

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Pub Date: March 2015

Bud Fray

About the Authors

Marion G. “Bud” Fray is an inspiring man of God. Having served on the missions fields of Africa with Jane, his wife, for 28 years, he also mentored college students as a professor of missions and spiritual formation where he influenced hundreds of students in the global cause for Christ. A Missouri native, he now calls Tennessee home. He and Jane have been married 65 years and are proud parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents.

Kim P Davis

Kim P. Davis, an Atlanta native, is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a bachelor of arts in journalism. Her experience with newspapers and covering stories on the missions field have contributed to her adventurous life. A former missionary with husband, D. Ray, she is the compiling editor and introductions writer of Voices of the Faithful Book 2 and compiler of Voices of the Faithful with Beth Moore and more than 300 International Mission Board missionaries. She is also the author of My Life, His Mission and coauthor of A Thousand Times Yes. A mother and grandmother, she now resides in Richmond, Virginia.

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