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Sally Miller

Sally Miller is a sought-after speaker who is passionate about sharing stories of God’s mind-blowing love with women. The inspiration for her latest book Divine Love came from a conversation with a lifelong friend.  While talking about the ways God loves us and how God’s love is unlike any other kind of love, the friends began discussing different ways God’s love is seen in the lives of contemporary and historic women . . . and how we can see ourselves in their journeys.

Sally has a master’s in music from Northwestern University in Evanston and a bachelor’s in music from Wheaton College. Although musically trained, she has studied theology, healing in Christianity, and prayer and is in the process of applying for certification with leading organizations such as the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE), and the Association for Professional Chaplains (APC.)

She currently serves as a pediatric chaplain resident at Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, Illinois, as well as ministering as a Chaplain at Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove, Illinois.  Her work in the hospitals focuses on offering God’s healing love through creativity and the use of imagination. She is known for her use of painted prayers, journaled poetry, and music in her work with hospital patients and their families.

In addition to serving in these capacities, Sally is a writer, a retreat facilitator, and is often a speaker for Christian women’s groups.  Women who have experienced Sally’s retreats find her to be grounded, hilarious, honest, and wild-heartedly wise.  Most of her workshops include using creativity to connect with God through Christ; and they’re usually sprinkled with heart-breaking as well as funny stories.

As a woman drawn to the beauty and truth found in stories , Sally has written in a variety of genres. She has been a columnist for Adoption Today magazine and Christian Woman, and

MOPs magazines. She is currently a regular contributor to various magazines including Kyria and Chicago Parent. Her writing also includes a long list of books with her current release Divine Love: Women Who Have It and How You Can Too, Girl Talk . . . God Talk:  What Your Friends Can Teach You About Prayer (Harvest House), and Walk with Me:  Two Friends on a Spiritual Journey (FaithWalk).  In 2001, she was awarded the Writers in the Spirit Award by FaithWalk Publishers.

Most of Sally’s writing is centered around observing the ways the divine meets us in daily moments. She finds artful and poetic ways to write about seeing the holy connecting with people through friendship and family and creative, yet ordinary sacraments  of life like: meals and rites of passage and walks in the snow and shared moments over coffee or a good book.

Sally lives in a white house with blue shutters by a pond in a suburb of Chicago with her husband and three children (two biological boys, and a little girl adopted from China) along with their black and white Shih Tzu, Sammy. She writes from a desk where she can see neighborhood children sledding down a hill by winter and howling at the moon on warm summer nights (sometimes she joins them). Sally and her family find freedom in laughing and forgiving, in do-overs and in trying to take in—really take in—the wondrous mess of it all, by God’s grace and perfect love!

Books by Sally Miller

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