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KnowOrphans_N144108by Meredith Dunn

In KnowOrphans, author Rick Morton explores the global orphan crisis and delivers practical solutions to empower and mobilize Christians to embrace the call to orphan care.


These questions are meant to serve as springboards.  Please allow discussions to evolve naturally around these topics.

  1. “A lot of this book is about knowing orphans, not because they are unknowable but because they are unknown.”  What does this mean to you?  What does it stir in your heart? Discuss what it may look or feel like to be unknown.  You may start by describing a time when you personally felt unknown or unseen, and how that made you feel.
  2. Discuss the process of going from unknown to known and what role we play as Christians in achieving that goal for as many orphans as possible.  Even if adoption is not your calling, how can you become part of the movement toward making the unknown known?
  3. Scripture not only compels us to care for orphans, but actually commands us to do so.  How does this impact your view of your role in this calling?
  4. In many ways, we were once all orphans. God saved us by adopting us into His eternal family.  Discuss how this truth impacts your view and passion toward orphan care and those not yet among God’s eternal family.
  5. Unpack some of the fears that you have surrounding orphan care.  Then look at the fear through the lens of an all-providing Father.  How does that truth change your outlook?
  6. Discuss “purposeful consuming” and how small actions can have a large impact even from afar.
  7. Discuss some of the major challenges facing those who have said “yes” to God’s call to orphan care and how we as the Body of Christ can help meet those challenges.
  8. Share stories of encouragement—adoption stories, missionary experiences working with orphans, and so on. God is so good, and He is moving mightily in this area.  Glorify His works!


  1. Because we have been adopted into God’s family, we are compelled to “adopt” others.  Though many of us may not be called to international adoption, we can still identify ways in which we may participate in the care of those not yet called into the family of God.  Many will notice one does not have to look very far for opportunities to show Christ’s love to the “fatherless.”  Moving forward, be intentional about seeing those around you who may need the saving grace of the Father.  Share the gospel in any way possible.  Be Christ to those who need Him desperately.
  2. Identify and research 2-3 areas of “purposeful consuming,” and make a plan to begin contributing to these areas monthly or yearly.  Even small donations made with an eternal purpose can, and will, be magnified.
  3. Keep learning (pg. 187).  Orphan care has many layers of complexity.  Commit to becoming a lifelong learner of how to better understand its layers and to help others understand as well.
  4. Don’t grow weary in well doing (pg. 188).  Persevere in the capacity that God has called you toward.  Though you may not see tangible movement, God is certainly moving and your part is a crucial component.


  1. Commit to pray for the global orphan crisis, and ask the Lord to guide you in your role and steps to follow.
  2. Identify any specifics God has impressed upon your heart and pray intently.  It may be an area of the world, a specific age group, male orphans, female orphans, etc.  If you are not sure where your heart lies, ask God to show you.  He will be faithful.
  3. Pray that others, like you, will feel the call to orphan care. Pray that their eyes will be opened to the needs around them, locally and internationally. Pray for this movement to grow in strength by the power of Christ in us.
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