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Called to Write will inspire you to acquire the art of writing or will affirm your calling to write for the kingdom of God. Written by two award-winning and widely published authors and writing coaches, the book is filled with wisdom about how to keep your writing in line with the heart of God.

Called to Write identifies seven key competencies every author needs to be a writer on mission. Two aspects of each of the seven competencies are included. First, authors will explore the competency through an informational chapter helping them understand the importance of staying grounded in that competency area. The informational chapter is then followed by an inspiring how-to-implement section, making the book extremely practical. Called to Write is ideal for keeping a Christian writer on track with a gospel focus in their writing.

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Retail: $14.99
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EAN: 9781596693982
ISBN: 1596693983
Item #: N144107
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Size: 6 X 9 Inches
Page Count: 208
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Pub Date: March 2014



“Called to Write is a gift from Edna and Linda to every aspiring writer. Not many professionals are willing to share their trade secrets for success with others, especially those competing for the same market. Transparency to the extreme evidences their commitment to the ministry of writing.

They teach that as a Christian writer you are not self- sufficient. Before you begin to write, know who God is and who you are. Then build your support team. At times, as you write, you will sense an unseen presence hovering over you. Relationships are essential if your words are going to change your readers. If you have a passion to write and the desire to become a published author, Called to Write is for you. Who you are in Christ will determine if you can write for Christ.

Since most writers are not in a personal relationship with published authors, here is a great resource: In Called to Write you have more than a “how-to” or a “self-help” resource, you have the encouragement and inspiration of Edna and Linda with you as you write. With their help you can determine that you will write with excellence. That is what your readers will expect. As you write, anticipate by faith the blessing of your inspiration to write on your readers. If you have a story, use this book to share it as a published author.
Jack Shaw, author of two books, member of the Central Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention and the Baptist Foundation, SBC

Edna Ellison
Linda Gilden

About the Authors

Award-winning author of 26 books and more than 400 magazine articles, Edna Ellison is a well-known keynote speaker who loves leading prayer retreats and writers conferences across the United States and overseas. Edna is an honors graduate of Presbyterian College with an MA from Converse College, an EdSp from the University of South Carolina, and a PhD from the University of Alabama. Having taught at three Baptist seminaries and two American universities, she now writes Bible study books from her Spartanburg, South Carolina, home. A leader in AWSA (Advanced Writers and Speakers Association) and a certified CLASS speaker, her life has been featured by Focus on the Family, where she has also been published.

Linda Gilden believes part of what God has called her to do is encourage other writers in their writing journeys. This prolific author, editor, and writing coach desires to see future writers and current authors develop good writing skills so they can write with excellence for the kingdom of God. In addition to serving as an adjunct professor, Linda is extremely active in the writing industry on both a local and national level, including serving as a frequent instructor at leading conferences such as Glorieta Christian Writers Conference. She works out of her South Carolina home where she enjoys floating in a pool while reading a good book and being surrounded by splashing children.

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