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When you think of a church Bible Study, pornography is not the topic that probably comes to mind first. It certainly doesn’t seem like an uplifting topic, or something that will allow participants to grow in their relationship with our heavenly Father. Indeed, it’s not even something we like to talk about in church – certainly not in a voice above a whisper. But if you’ve read Our Hardcore Battle Plan for Wives, you know it’s a topic that needs to be addressed, to be studied, to be prayed over, to be understood. And you know from the testimony in the book that God can take something as ugly as pornography and the sins that it perpetuates and bring about miraculous redemption in the lives of people it has impacted.

This study is designed to help educate women in the church about pornography and the temptations and challenges so many men (and some women) face at some point in their lives. But it’s also meant to speak to those who have experienced or are experiencing the pain and shame that addiction to—or even experimenting with—pornography can create, and to provide encouragement that repentance and forgiveness really can happen. Finally, you will practice praying for the men in your lives, in your church, and in your community for divine protection from the tragic effects of pornography, and you’ll learn how to develop a plan of confrontation should your loved one ever be faced with such an addiction.

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