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Espresso Your Faith, by Rhonda Rhea, is based on 1 Peter 5:8, which warns believers to stay alert. It offers a perky approach to helping readers explore 30 keys from God’s Word so they can stay alert spiritually.


  1. For fun, ask your group what their favorite coffee brand or type of drink is. Can you think of some apt comparisons between between consuming coffee and living a life of faith? Did any of the authors analogies especially resonate with you?
  1. The author blends humor with weightier biblical truths. Did her use of humor change how you engage with those truths? If so, how?
  1. In keeping with the coffee analogy, a theme throughout the book is staying alert. Is what areas of your spiritual walk do you struggle with staying alert and need a “jolt” of renewal?
  1. The author notes that the best way to stay alert is to “invest time and energy into building the truth of God into your life” (p. 21). Can you identify some specific struggles you’ve undergone recently? Did your knowledge of Scripture help you stay alert to truth and resist evil? How?
  1. Chapter 4 notes that “we’re all in this together.” Can you think of some people who’ve supported you and walked with you in your faith? People with whom you could be authentic? If so, describe those relationships and what they meant to you. If you’d like to find some relationships like those, brainstorm ways you can start.
  1. In chapter 7, look at the section “Supplemental Servants” again. Can you identify some ways that you feel unqualified or too busy to jump into service? What is one step you can take this week to overcome that obstacle?
  1. In chapter 13, the author notes that “Self-sufficiency is the enemy of hope.” Can you think of  a time, perhaps even now, when you’ve tried to find a way to give yourself hope that only Christ can give, or to solve problems that only God can solve? How can you “let go of the rope” and find hope?


  1. Ask God to help you stay alert in the areas of your walk with Him where you may tend to struggle. (We all have them!) Pray also for the other group members that they will stay alert in their walk with Christ.


  1. Make a plan with your group to meet in a coffee shop and provide accountability to each other on the areas where you are working on staying more alert in your spiritual walk.
  2. Invite someone who many not know Christ or whom you know is hurting out for coffee. Buy their drink, and just be a great listener for them. Offer to pray with them.
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