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Practicing the Beatitudes Every Day
by Gene Wilkes

“You exercise. You eat right. You make good choices—the stairs instead of the elevator. You are pursuing wellness. Is it possible, though, that in your pursuit to achieve wellness you are ignoring the one area of your life that needs the most daily exercise?

Just like physical wellness requires commitment, a training regimen, good choices, and constant pursuit, spiritual wellness does too. In A New Way of Living, you’ll discover a practical spiritual training program that can be successfully embraced and followed. Using nine simple verses, author, preacher, runner, and cyclist Gene Wilkes paints the picture of how to pursue spiritual wellness. Using carefully interpreted messages from the Beatitudes, you’ll have an understanding of the people, the characteristics, and the promises that Jesus addressed. With that understanding, Wilkes then helps you develop your simple Beatitude exercise regimen.

Each chapter in A New Way of Living includes reflection questions as part of a takeaway section as well as a small-group discussion guide and three-week devotional for digital online use. The book also contains photos characteristic of metaphors used in the book as well as other ancillary items.

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About the Author

Gene Wilkes has a BA from Baylor University, an MDiv and PhD in New Testament studies from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and has been senior pastor of Legacy Church for more than 20 years. He serves as an adjunct professor with Dallas Baptist University Graduate School of Leadership. Gene authored Jesus on Leadership, My Identity in Christ, Character, and much more.

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