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The following discussion questions, prayer points, and practical applications are designed to enrich your experience with Called and Accountable. In addition to these study helps, which are designed to be used after you’ve completed the study, you’ll also find questions, memory verses, and prayer suggestions throughout the book as you read. Many churches and groups will also want to take advantage of the Called and Accountable video series that accompanies this book.


  1. Have you experienced God’s calling on your life in the past? What led you to read this book on discovering your place in God’s purpose now?
  2. What specific teachings affected you most strongly in this book? Why?
  3. The authors include several mini-biographical sketches of people who responded to God’s calling, and whom He used to make a huge difference in the lives of others. Which of these stories affected you the most strongly? Why?
  4. Dr. Blackaby noted that believers are called to be “watchmen” (pp. 48-50) for both non-believers and other believers, and described how his wife interceded that God would save another believer’s marriage—and God did. What crises do you see in the lives of other believers that call you to intercede on their behalf?
  5. Many believers feel they don’t have the gift of evangelism and therefore can’t fulfill the Great Commission as well as other believers can. After reading the book, has your understanding of being part of God’s calling expanded beyond evangelism? How so?
  6. How has the book transformed your sense of accountability in responding to God’s purpose? Based on Scripture, why is immediate obedience essential?
  7. Now that you’ve completed the study, describe your understanding of God’s calling on your life. How has your understanding of God’s calling for you changed?


  1. Ask God to show you places in your immediate environment where you can intercede, respond, and share to help fulfill your place in His purpose.
  2. Ask God to remove your fear and help you grow in immediate obedience to Him.


  1. Commit to taking at least one step outside your daily routine or comfort zone this week (volunteering to teach, reaching out to an unfriendly person, etc.) to move closer to God’s calling on your life.
  2. Select three to four Scripture verses from the study that had the greatest impact on you, and memorize those if you haven’t already. Then pray through those verses in your daily prayer time.


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