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by Leanna Coyle

Interested in leading young women through a meaningful 6-week group experience?

You’ve found what you need right here. Download the free leader’s guide and resource appendix for a study of Chandra Peele’s Joy(full):God’s Joy in a Girl’s Life.

Through this 6-week study on joy, the myths and pressures of today’s culture are replaced with scriptural truths that help girls learn how to truly embrace Christ. Using personal stories and contemporary language, this study will also help shape girls as the future spiritual leaders God intends them to be. Through this study, today’s teenager and college-bound girls will learn how to live, give, and light up the world around them through their personal relationship with God.

This download includes:

  • a proposed rhythm for 6 weekly group sessions
  • helpful hints to engage and challenge your group of joy(full) young women
  • ideas and questions to prompt discussion
  • some tasty recipes
  • and more!

Download this exciting free 6-week resource for young women today!

(Permission is granted to make copies of these materials for noncommerical use.)


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