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Bright Ideas for Delightful Transformation
by Rhonda Rhea

All of us search for light. We seek enlightenment, understanding, and answers. We seek hope. So many people grope through smothering spiritual darkness reaching for something to bring light into their lives. Some even think they’ve found it in other things. After all, it would be easy for a blind person to think he’s found light if he’s never seen it or experienced it for himself.

But there is only one way to find the light we really need and to be able to live the Christian life in successful obedience, and that is to let the true Light flood our hearts. Fruitful, joy-filled, victorious living happens only as we are spiritually enlightened through the truth of the Word of God and by the inner working of the Spirit of God.

Through humor and stories, Rhonda Rhea explores many of the almost 300 references to light in the Bible to draw us back to the real light found in Christ. This light is the only light that can provide change in our lives, and is ultimately not just a light that changes us, but the lives of those we come in contact with as well.

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About the Author

Rhonda RheaRhonda Rhea is a humor columnist, radio personality, and author of eight books, includingHigh Heels in High Places and I’m Dreaming of Some White Chocolate. She lives in the St. Louis area but enjoys traveling to every corner of the nation speaking at all kinds of conferences and events. Rhonda says her favorite and most adventurous roles are as wife to Richie Rhea, senior pastor of Troy First Baptist Church, and as mom to her five nearly grown children.

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