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Thinking and Living So That the World Might Know
by Jason C. Dukes

Thinking beyond your church matters because the unity of the church is imperative in order for the work of God to happen in our city and in our world.

And not just unity in the one local church family that you call your own. When all followers of Jesus actually love one another like Jesus loved us— living according to His ways rather than our own— then the world will see and, in turn, believe that Jesus was actually sent as the Son of God. This is the unity Jesus prayed for. It should be lived out among His followers and can only be present when God is the force holding us all together.

In this new release by pastor Jason Dukes, you will explore this unity and discover how it can become part of the DNA of your local church expression.

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Pub Date: December 6, 2011

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About the Author

Jason C. Dukes is a learner, dreamer, and teacher. Raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Jason has been on an amazing journey for the last 7 years while planting Westpoint Church in the Orlando, Florida, area.

Westpoint’s local community of faith focuses on being the church, doing life together, and giving herself away; and emphasizes “living sent”—being a letter from God communicating His love and hope in the message of our daily lives among all whom we encounter.

Jason has also been involved with the creation and launch of the Restoration Concept, House Blend Cafe, the Reproducing Churches network, and the Church of West Orange

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