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A Biblical Study of Self-Control and Perseverance
by Rhonda H. Kelley

Choose your fruit.

Readers see they can choose God’s power to achieve divine discipline and to bear the spiritual fruit of love, joy, peace, and patience.

This study encourages readers to develop self-control in the areas of

– health and fitness,
– everyday speech,
– Bible study,
– personal prayer,
– emotions,
– finances,
– morals, and thought habits.


About New Hope Women in Bible Study

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About the Author

Rhonda Kelley PR PhotoDr. Rhonda Kelley is the professor of women’s ministry and the director of Women’s Ministry Programs at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Rhonda received her BA and MA in speech and language pathology at Baylor University as well as her PhD in special education and speech pathology from the University of New Orleans. In addition, she has basic and advanced certificates in women’s ministry from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Rhonda and her husband, Chuck, president of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, enjoy traveling and reading in their spare time.

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