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Preparing Yourself to Mentor
by Edna Ellison and Tricia Scribner

Many Christian women have come to understand our biblical mandate for life-on-life discipleship of someone younger in the faith. Most women embrace this role, though, with at least some uncertainty about their ability to carry such a great responsibility.

A biblically-based personal study, Woman to Woman: Preparing Yourself to Mentor will guide a woman step-by-step through the process of readying herself for such a relationship.

This study will help the mentor-to-be to evaluate her own gifts and how they can be used in mentoring, to examine the different possible roles of a mentor, to develop a plan for starting off the mentoring relationship in a positive way and to avoid the dangers that befall mentoring relationships.


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About the Authors

Award-winning author of 23 books and more than 400 magazine articles, Edna Ellison is a well-known keynote speaker who loves leading prayer retreats and writers conferences across the United States and overseas. Edna is an honor graduate of Presbyterian College with an MA from Converse College, an EdSp from the University of South Carolina, and a PhD from the University of Alabama. Having taught at three Baptist seminaries and two American universities, she now writes Bible study books from her Spartanburg, South Carolina, home. A leader in AWSA (Advanced Writers and Speakers Association) and a certified CLASS speaker, her life has been featured by Focus on the Family, where she has also been published.



Tricia 08Tricia Scriber has authored five books and written numerous articles for Christian magazines. As a conference speaker/teacher Tricia has served in venues throughout the US, as well as in foreign countries. Tricia holds a master of science degree in nursing from Northwestern State University and a master of arts degree in apologetics from Southern Evangelical Seminary. A former registered nurse, Tricia now works as a high school Bible teacher, teaching Old and New Testament survey, Apologetics, and Marriage & Family courses. Tricia and her husband Randy currently make their home in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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