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Why Women Need Other Women
by Brenda Poinsett

Women need other women for more than just superficial friendship. There is a deep desire for both conversation and connection that resonates in the soul of women. But with so much impersonal communication over email and cell phones, many women find themselves lacking the nourishment, encouragement and rejuvenation that face-to-face unhurried conversations offer.

In The Friendship Factor, Brenda Poinsett explores the needs women have to connect conversationally for life enrichment, stress reduction and cooperative efforts such as ministries and missions and puts them into bite-size nuggets that can be shared over lunch by friends.



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About the Author

Brenda PoinsettBrenda Poinsett¬†works with adults who want to learn and grow. Offering encouragement as well as valuable information, Brenda speaks at retreats, conferences, and special events. She is the author of almost 20 books including Can Martha Have a Mary Christmas?, Unwrapping Martha’s Joy, The Friendship Factor, Wonder Women of the Bible, and Holiday Living. Brenda and her husband, Bob, a wedding officiant, have three grown sons.

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