Spiritual Therapy for Women in Leadership
Joyce A. Mitchell

Typically high-achieving, multitasking, fix-it people, women leaders rarely say no to a new challenge. If an element of their lives is overlooked or undervalued, it is likely in taking care of their own needs. The way a woman nurtures her own vitality, though, will dramatically impact her effectiveness to lead others.

Soul Spa invites women for a few moments each day to a place of nourishing heart, mind, and soul. Scripturally based, these daily meditations and guided journaling pages lead women in seeking authentic spirituality with transforming application for daily life.

The reader will explore areas of her life to discover where she might need special attention—like what drains or diminishes her passion, how she’s caring for her physical well-being, or how she is engaging her mind with her world. A spiritual checkup will focus attention on prayer, growth, and life in the Spirit. Finally, she’ll look at how she relates to her neighbors, friends, family, community of faith, and others. Bonus material includes facilitator suggestions for group discussion, as well as plans for a women’s retreat.

For a woman who is always busy caring for others, Soul Spa is welcome therapy that will leave her refreshed and thriving.

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