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An 8-Week Study to Freedom Through God’s Redemption

Debbie Vanderslice

Shameless helps women overcome feelings of guilt. It is a basic eight-week study to help women understand and relinquish their shame, so God can receive the glory.

The study is divided into three parts.

Part 1 will help readers to understand the origin of shame, according to the Bible. By doing so, participants will better understand the source of their own shame and be better equipped to deal with their own issues as they move through the study.

Part 2 of the study walks participants simply and methodically through the lives of five women from Jesus’s genealogy, who are thought to have borne the most shame.

Part 3 of the study draws in other references to biblical women and focuses on the cumulative aspects of shame. In total, the study looks at the lives of eight women from the Bible. The interactive sections in the three distinct parts of the study help each woman deal individually with her respective shame.

Participants will finish the study with the encouragement to let go of their shame by understanding and embracing God’s redemption, and to let God use their experiences and witness for His glory.

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