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A self-proclaimed “wild child,” Laura Lee Heinsohn’s childhood included an alcoholic father and permissive mother, teenage pregnancy, and a near-death automobile accident. Just one of these life-altering situations might be enough to drive someone away from Christ, but they eventually drove Laura to the redeeming power of God. In her darkest place, God picked her up, dusted her off, and transformed her from a wild child to His peace-filled child.

As the founder of The Bee-Bop Kids, an international children’s performing arts evangelistic team, Laura has had the opportunity to share the love of Christ while traveling around the world. Active in ministry for more than 20 years, She is also the founder of the Family Bureau of Investigation™ Relationship Workshops, and a one-on-one parenting coach.

Married to her best friend Randy, they have two children, seven grandchildren, and have parented eight Brazilian exchange students. Laura and her family call Oregon home.

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