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Connecting With God in the 21st Century
by Daniel Darling

We’re a generation raised on instant: Instant formula. Disposable diapers. Satellite TV. GPS navigation. Online check-in. Automatic everything.

We’re always plugged in and wired. We’re accustomed to having answers at the snap of our fingers. We’re used to being in control.

How does this affect our communication with God? This is the question iFaith seeks to answer. What has life at warp speed done to our souls? Has faith been replaced with a false sense of security? Has the digital and technological revolution made us more impatient with the God who delights in making His people wait?

iFaith is a unique look at prayer and faith in the twenty-first century, calling us back to a place of rest and silence and peace with God.



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About the Author

Dan Headshot-2011 DarlingDaniel Darling is the senior pastor of Gages Lake Bible Church in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and is the author of numerous books, including Teen People of the Bible (nominated for a Gold Medallion Award), Crash Course, iFaith, and REAL. Dan’s work has been featured by the leading evangelical publications, including Relevant, Christianity Today, Focus on the FamilyOn Course, and In Touch. Dan’s blog is a go-to place for weekly interviews with leading evangelical leaders and substantive spiritual and cultural commentary. Daniel has a bachelor’s degree in pastoral ministry from Dayspring Bible College. He travels and speaks to groups large and small. He and his wife, Angela, have four children and reside in the northern suburbs of Chicago.

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