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The Christmas season can often be a time of great stress and pressure for women, who feel the weight of expectation for a “perfect” holiday from the many internal and external influences in their lives. The busyness of the time of year begins to overshadow the spiritual joy that can be found at the feet of Jesus. This practical and applicable book will help the “Martha” in each of us realize that she is entitled to the “Mary” time with Jesus that He desires.

This series of 25 reflections will encourage the reader to see how she can have a “Mary” Christmas by discovering the joy of Christ this season. While focusing on Christmas themes in a lively and amusing manner, this book ministers to Martha’s emotional and spiritual needs.

Allow this book to teach you how to listen for Jesus this Christmas as you draw from Scripture and the real experiences of your peers. Interaction with your Savior during the tangled holiday season will no longer seem impossible!

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EAN: 9781563099311
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Language: English
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A wealth of information . . . a plethora of practical tools . . . a user-friendly reference guide we will return to often. . . . By turning to this delightful book, we learn how to . . . celebrate in a deeper way, build our faith, and grow in understanding of God, ourselves, and those we love.
Julie Morris, inspirational speaker and author of 12 books, including Guided by Him

As a university professor of parenting and family decisions, I support books that remind parents how tradition and celebrations build stronger family bonds. Poinsett’s book does that. It’s an easy read, practical, with imaginative, budget-conscious ideas any parent can implement. It doesn’t require focused attention nor big slots of time to read. It is a read-me-when-you-need-me book of information and creative ideas for inserting the ‘holy’ into any holiday.
Brenda Nixon, MA, Parenting Author/Educator;

This book is a wonderful holiday resource—and fun too! Brenda presents useful holiday suggestions with great insight and creativity. This is not only a thoughtful book for parents wanting to build meaningful holidays for their children, but it would also be useful for grandparents, Sunday School teachers, teachers of English-as- a-second-language students, and others wanting to share their Christian heritage with family, friends, and neighbors.
Lorraine Powers, Blue River-Kansas City associational WMU adult consultant, Missouri WMU adult special worker, and WMU ambassador

Brenda Poinsett

About the Author

Brenda Poinsett works with women who want a new lease on life and with adults who want to learn and grow. At retreats, conferences, and special events, Brenda offers encouragement and hope as well as valuable information. She works at perfecting her communication skills through memberships in the National Speakers Association, Toastmasters International, and Advanced Writers and Speakers Association. Along the way she came to see writing as another important avenue for sharing life-changing knowledge. She’s the author of 15 books including The Friendship Factor, Wonder Women of the Bible, When Saints Sing the Blues, and Celebrations That Touch the Heart. Brenda and her recently retired husband Bob have three grown sons.

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