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A News Anchor Tells Her Story of Body and Soul Recovery
by Brenda Ladun

In this inspiring and practical book and DVD, two-time breast cancer survivor and leading news anchor Brenda Ladun addresses the physical and spiritual concerns of anyone who is facing or has gone through cancer treatments, especially breast cancer treatments.

Using her professional reporting talents and drawing from her own personal experiences, she interviews a physical therapist, fitness specialist, massage therapist, personal trainer, registered dietician, swim instructor, and plastic surgeon who daily help women survive breast cancer.

An investigative reporting–style DVD, included with the book, reveals the misperceptions patients often have and provides helpful advice on surviving and learning to thrive again. Included are interviews with the experts, illustrations of methods for recovery, and information about the health care regimens Brenda personally used to regain mobility, flexibility, good skin and hair, and an optimistic outlook. Brenda’s faith and reliance on God shine throughout.

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About the Author

Brenda LadunPrime-time news anchor and author Brenda Ladun is a two-time breast cancer survivor. When faced with her personal battle with breast cancer, she inspired the countless viewers who watched the nightly news for the results of her chemotherapy treatment and her courageous battle.

The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation awarded her the National Media Award for coverage of breast cancer. She is also the recipient of the American Cancer Society Life Inspiration Award and the American Cancer Society award for Best TV Coverage. A news anchor and reporter for more than two decades, she has received six Associated Press awards, an Emmy nomination for Best Anchor, and the Edward R. Murrow Award for radio and television journalism.

In addition to news reporting and writing, she trains for marathons and is active in the local school and in her church. She and her husband, Doug Bell, and their three children live in Birmingham, Alabama.

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